Looking Ahead: How Will Democrats Approach This Key Election?

After the Democratic Party, especially in the races in the House of Representatives, enjoyed better than expected, successful results, with a swing of approximately 40 seats in that body, Democrats must take care, to not be overly celebratory, but to, rather, focus on the future, and the alternatives. Unfortunately, for that party, historically, they have often, shot – themselves – in – the – foot, and grasped defeat, from what should have been victories! They must take care, to clearly demonstrate, to the, approximately two – thirds, of American voters, who are not hard – core, Trump supporters, they will better serve and represent them, and take America, in a better direction, etc. Some must also be careful to avoid being too cute, or smug/ sarcastic, but, rather, seeking some common ground, where positive changes are possible, while assuring, the so – called, independent middle, feel comfortable, also. Who they choose to run for President, how the primaries are conducted, what issues are emphasized, how the message is articulated, the actual as well as perceived priorities, and economic issues, while reassuring those concerned with outside dangers, etc, will make a tremendous difference in the results.

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